Electricians In San Diego, CA

There are 282 top-rated electricians in your area. At Green Electric and Solar Co., we go out of our way not only to offer comprehensive solutions for all your residential electrical needs; we also provide you with the information and resources you need to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for you.
One of the main advantages of a home warranty is that it could pay for itself with just one repair job, especially if the repair deals with the mechanical systems such as the furnace or air conditioning, the duct work, electrical systems or plumbing.

Also, because you have to look at and live with the results every day and don't want to need remedial electrical work, you need professional and experienced Residential Electrician electricians who care about details as much as you do. Find out more about our company and our services through our new internet site.
Copyright © 2019 San Diego Electric Inc. I run a property management company and I need vendors who will service my tenants quickly and professionally without charging a fortune. Since 1992, Shamrock Electric has been an owner operated company, helping businesses and home owners throughout San Diego with their electrical and lighting needs.

I will definitely be contacting them for any future electrical projects. Our certified electricians take care of all of your electrical needs, from performing basic electrical inspections and panel upgrades, to repairing and installing entire home electrical systems.
We offer honest prices, and we're confident that our team of knowledgeable electricians can meet all of your home or business electrical needs. Our experienced San Diego electrician will ask all of the right questions, clarifying the specifics of the project, and then we'll give you our professional recommendation for the best, most cost efficient way to accomplish it.
When your infrastructure requires high uptime, we have the expertise to provide you the highest quality equipment and installation the industry has to offer. Is a family owned business serving the San Diego area, proudly since 1979. We just completed the installation of a 72 panel solar system and two Tesla power walls.

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