Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Signaturewraps originated in Canberra by two best mates who combined their obsessive love for cars and high end luxury car customisations. The quality of the surface preparation, the correct application of the sealant and subsequent care, inside or outside parking etc etc has a big bearing upon its longevity (or apparent longevity because if you keep topping them up with waxes and other addition sealants either via washing or spray and wipe methods they could appear to last a long time).
And that car had only been corrected and coated the one time - 2 weeks after buying it brand new. For myself, I went with Ceramic Pro because I know from experience that detailing canberra it dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to keep the paintwork pristine and the coating is genuinely good for the entire time I will keep the vehicle.

A single coat of Ceramic Pro runs at around the 2 micron mark and you can add another 2 microns for each subsequent coat (my car has two coats on most surfaces but three on the surfaces that get typically are subject to more abrasion over time (front bumper, external mirrors, bonnet and front fender panels).
It's a sad fact that you only have to have a mechanic get grease on your paintwork, then innocently wipe it off with the rag he's used for something else and you might never get the panel back to "perfect" again - despite Ceramic Pro (or anything else) and particularly if you have thin paint to begin with for whatever reason.
Vonsternberk should have mentioned it if he has experience.I personally do not use either Opticoat or ceramic pro and not affiliated with either but I just don't see the point in bagging both products because they are both good, definitely not rubbish.

Williams Formula One Ceramic Coat bonds itself in the paintwork pores, forming an extremely durable high-gloss finish that protects your vehicle from pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals that can cause the paintwork to dull and fade as the years go by. This provides genuine long-term protection which requires no maintenance other than washing.
We offer a range of car detailing packages to suit your vehicle as well as your budget, ranging from general maintenance and car cleaning through to major internal and external refurbishment. SiC Protection from chemical etching Multi-Layer High Gloss CoatingPaint Enhancement 9H Hardness 7 Years Warranty.

No, We take care of cleaning the vehicle, decontaminating and preparing the paint work before we apply the Ceramic Pro Paint Protection. Other factors that affect the cost include the type of detailing required before the ceramic coating is applied to ensure the coating performs at its best, and how many layers of ceramic coating you apply to the vehicle.
HPC's Appearance coatings are more durable and can handle twice the heat of enamel paints and powder coatings and offers excellent resistance to scratching, chipping and chemicals. We are very proud to introduce our new, introductory paint and interior protection packages.
SENSHA is a Japanese word (洗車) and verb meaning: to wash and coat your car. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection comes with an extended Lifetime Warranty. The bottom line is that no one should ever buy any paint protection of any sort whatsoever with the belief that it will significantly improve the car's resistance to paint damage caused by any sort of abrasive process.

The clear coat on your paint is there to protect it. That's its job. It is an environmentally friendly process that is extremely effective for cleaning and degreasing a variety of metals without warping or changing the dimensions of the part. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection forms a permanent adhesion to your paint work, which means no reapplication is required.
The variable temperature can be adjusted, enabling weak hair to be better cared for at a lower temperature setting. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a Nano-Ceramic Paint Protection that forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work protecting it permanently from environmental fall out, Ceramic Pro Paint Protection comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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