Lalique Encre Noire ~ Fragrance Review

I love all of the Lalique mens' scents and will always have a bottle of each on hand. Oh, Grey Flannel is such a wonderful scent. You don't smell it in the US much these days either — but once upon a time, knew lots of men who wore it. All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.
If Dracula use a fragrance it’s Encre Noir. Many positive comments from people they don’t think of it like the “Dracula” fragrance they like the oriental aromatic masculine smell. Encre Noir is a very vetiver forward scent. The vetiver is the main player here by far. It smells inky, smoky, and woody, like smelling a vetiver right out of the bottle.

Most likely I will wear it for a very informal dinner with old friends in early fall, especially if we are eating something we caught or hunted ourselves. This has now joined my favourite scents of John Varvatos Dark Rebel and Gucci Guilty Absolute. Just bought after reading about this fragrance on here for a while. Take a couple blasts of EN, then try a layer of Patrick Fragrances of Ireland for men over it. This creates an amazing bright earthly green scent, like you're in some kinda fantasy forest.
Comme des Garcons Wonderwood – a woody fragrance for men released in 2010. The main notes include Sandalwood, Cedar, and Cypress. It is a moderate-lasting perfume with average projection.

Please be aware that not all brands have testers available. If I had to single out one thing that sticks out the most from this perfume, that would be the liquid aging process rarely seen in perfumery these days. My one and a half year bottle is already 20% stronger. If you are just starting out with this line, then you have my green light to start with this extreme version to see would this dark scent suit your taste. Lalique Encre Noire A L’Extreme is a scent that pretends to be a stronger and denser version than its originator, yet ends up being the more wearable one. I have received a solid zero compliments with this one and in case you buy it, you should probably expect the same.
It should be more expensive than it is. This is my favourite perfume in my collection.
There are pines and conifers of all sorts - but I can only feel and smell them, as the night is too dark. The shadows hide nothing, however, and I am braced by the fresh forest air. Overall, though it does seem to be a polarising scent I was really impressed with the quality of the fragrance, and the presentation for the price point. You really can't go wrong when it's so cheap, and it's a great staple to have in your winter wardrobe. The performance is very good, and can last me a full day on skin scent after an initial few hours of projection. Seen as its such a deep, bass heavy scent, I'm not surprised it sticks around.

Encre Noire is green, vetivery and bitter. If that's what you like in fragrances then this is for you. I thought it was something extremely daring, definitely not versatile and not for everyone. This smells like Vampire Bill from the HBO series True Blood. A sophisticated, mysterious and masculine 200 year old vampire in deep Louisiana woods.
The smell of warm, damp earth and line-dried cotton isn't really gendered in my opinion. I've been wearing this one for about a month now, and it goes different directions for me. For me it was love at first sniff, but I do think this is one that deserves some time before you make a decision on how it smells to you. The first wears felt really dark, damp, and inky. With my skin chemistry, though, now my wears can go pretty dry, where the cypress comes off crisp and spicy, and the cashmeran shines through more than anything. It can almost smell like a green version of Molecule 01 for me. Some people say there’s an uncredited Iso E Super note here, so that might be it.

I love how it slowly moves into more vetiver dominating scent as it dries down. This sits quite close to the skin on me but seems to last a decent amount of 6-8 hours. Although it changes in its dry read more down, this is quite linear. It is very soft to my nose, nothing screams bold about this to me. I expected a very strong fragrance, but it was not the case. It's just mediocre, but I still like it.
Lalique have made themselves a household name, and have placed a bookmark between the pages of history with their magnificent sculptural glass. In the late 1800s to the mid 1900's, they set the benchmark in creating exquisite and highly coveted perfume bottles. Its a little surprising then, that it was only in the early 90's that they began producing their own fragrances. Encre Noire is a scent for men, launched in 2006, that has remained at the pinnacle of their collection. Encre Noire A L’Extreme for men was launched in 2006 by Lalique as successor to the older Encre Noire. The masculine fragrance is noted for its intense masculine notes. Unlike the older Encre Noire, which boasted of sporty notes, Encre Noire A L’Extreme leans more towards the woody side.

At the heart, Haiti Vetyver and Bourbon Vetyver add a mysterious woodsy touch. The dry-down is charming with Cashmere Wood and Musks.
Perfumer Nathalie Lorson, who created Encre Noire in 2006, took vetiver and fashioned the rough, scratchy roots into a piece of silk. Everything that makes vetiver interesting–the roasted, nutty, spicy bits–are still there, but there is a soft glaze of musk to tone down the sharp edges. The rich notes of woods give Encre Noire a suave, enveloping feel, and except for the delicate sprinkling of pepper and citrus peel, it’s a dark blend. Here at Scent Split, we specialize in offering samples and decants of a superlative array of fragrances. Initially bright spicy-green, this rather dark and slightly boozy dry earthy-woody Mid season fragrance settles to a warm dusty woody base.
With some of my favorite notes, I feel a bit intimidated to approach them, because there is so much to say and write. I love vetivers though, so I’ll be checking this out soon. Anyway, i have to agree, “Encre Noire Pour Homme” is a fantastic fragance, i am on my fourth bottle. When i had tried the women’s version for the first time, i was a little bit disappointed, because i’ve expected something in common with the men’s version. Encre Noire may not seem like an obvious choice, especially when we have vetiver gold standards like Guerlain Vétiver and Frédéric Malle Vétiver Extraordinaire. Without a doubt, those are perfumes that must be sampled at least once, but what makes Encre Noire so compelling is its elegance and versatility. It’s also impeccably crafted and memorable.

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