The Ten Greatest Conga Drums

If this is your first drum you do not want to purchase an expensive or new drum. I'm starting with drums at the moment available new as some of my favorite drums such because the legendary and unimaginable drums I own such as the drums made by the maestro Junior Tirado, (he passed away), the very stable workhorse Timba congas (out of enterprise) and JCR's (unsure what occurred to them) are not out there except you'll find some in the used marketplace.
I've compiled a brief list of what I really feel in my experience over the past 35 years are the most effective drums made right now by impartial conga drum makers. Timba Percussion actually still has some on the market despite officially being out of business. The Sol Percussion congas are great sounding drums and there was a short run of rumba models which had a fatter stomach which I really favored rather a lot.
He was in a position to contact Mario and Mario supplied for someone to return and personally choose up the drums from my good friend at his home to be taken back to have them fixed. There are sometimes Isla listed on eBay as new” and several people have had issues with communications and buying them this fashion. Having mentioned that I noticed my pals requinto recently he bought from eBay and it seemed advantageous although he stated he did have some trouble getting the drum in a timely method.
An ideal skin could make a poor conga drum sound nice and the wrong pores and skin on an excellent drum can make the drum sound unhealthy. The draw back for me is that I do not like the sound or feel of any synthetic pores and skin I have performed or heard. Fiberglass congas are great for playing top conga drums online in bands or anyplace you want extra sound. They're a bit more sturdy then wooden and my drums haven't any cracks or issues even after 35 years! Wooden drums have a warmer sound and nicer tone to my ears and I like the texture of wood drums better as nicely. The selection of a wooden conga vs a fiberglas conga is a matter of non-public style I feel.

When you order drums from a smaller drum maker you possibly can virtually at all times order your drums with a choice of drum skin thickness which is a very important issue in the sound of your drums. When you purchase a Thailand made conga drum little or no time or vitality went into mounting the skin as everything is about how fast are you able to do it in relation to giant commercially manufactured conga drums from Thailand. Personally, I have very specific thickness sizes (for skins) I like on my drums and when you have a set of drums and have to vary the skins it's fairly costly with a minimum of $50 a head for those who do it yourself.
Peter makes his drums from a wide range of woods and even uses imported French aged wine barrels. I've made a number of demos of his drums from my visits to California you'll be able to see on Youtube. I had four of the oak conga drums for over 25 years and for probably the most half they withstood the check of time as well as a number of journeys to Hawaii and the west coast as well.

They are very snug to play with rounded curve model rims similar to the Fats Congas conga drums of the 70's who I imagine were the first to use the rounded rim, as an alternative of the normal flat edge. I have identified them personally since they first began enterprise many moons ago in Santa Cruz and may vouch for the prime quality in their products and every part they do. The conga drums listed here are stable shell congas being provided by Drumskulls and hand carved in Mali. They are an amazing buch of guys and still have skins on the market and alls orts of attention-grabbing stuff.
That is going to be cheaper then going into a music shop to purchase a used conga drum. Ebay is great for offers if you understand what you might be searching for and when you belief the client a hundred%. One of the motive is the drums being tuned up or cranked very high and being left in that place. Another problem that happens over time on used drums is bent rims, and rims coming over the rings. Cracks could be fastened (if you know the right individuals or have basic wood working expertise) and there are totally different opinions on how necessary or not it is to purchase a conga drum with out cracks.
Under I'm enjoying my Matthew Smith Ritmos in walnut and then Manito Percussion Ambrosia Maple strong shell one pice conga drums for a sound comparison. Curiously, they've little in common with the Matthew Smith drums different then they're both incredibly beautiful, intense attention to element and both have wonderful sound. Manito takes one other strategy and uses precise trees or fallen logs instead of items or staves of wooden that are usually used within the barrel model of conga making.
He was capable of contact Mario and Mario provided for somebody to come back and personally pick up the drums from my buddy at his home to be taken again to have them fixed. There are sometimes Isla listed on eBay as new” and several other individuals have had issues with communications and buying them this manner. Having stated that I noticed my friends requinto not too long ago he bought from eBay and it regarded positive though he stated he did have some bother getting the drum in a timely manner.

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