He has 40 years of experience in leading bands and 35 years experience of the administration involved in managing their successful performance. Solid Steel played at our wedding and they were fantastic ! Solid Steel played at our wedding and they were amazing, we all loved them. They performed so well and got everybody in the mood for dancing late… Read More

The people that run the program actually have an agency that does 7-figures per year, which is a major advantage over most other lead generation courses. According to a few people I spoke with, My Lead Gen Secret is one of the best lead generation program out there. I decided to test his platform for 60+ days to see whether it lived up to the hype … Read More

By analyzing real-time data, we’re able to optimize route efficiency and smooth over supply chain challenges to ensure our clients continue to exceed their shipping goals. When it comes to expedited freight, we work swiftly with our shippers and carriers 24/7 to optimize time-sensitive freight delivery. Together with FedEx Freight services, our t… Read More

According to former CIA directory Michael Hayden, Blackwater, among other security contractors, were allowed to perform waterboarding on suspects. Leaks in 2009 suggest CIA - Blackwater contracts to assassinate al-Qaida leaders. By 2003, the ground war in Iraq changed into a diplomatic mission, demanding hundreds of diplomats and State Department e… Read More

In February 2018, several media outlets reported that Navarro's influence in the administration was rising again and that he would likely be promoted from the secondary billet of Deputy Assistant to the President to Assistant to the President, giving Navarro parity with the NEC Director. Navarro supported Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in … Read More