[Enjoy your fitness time] –Our dumbbells have a variety of different weights to meet all stages of training, allowing your children to participate in your fitness activities and enjoy a good gym time with you while improving their body immunity through exercise![Easy to storage] – The dumbbell hand weights occupy very little space and can be pu… Read More

These vary from $1500 on eBay and Alibaba to $59,000 wrapped and sold in Australia as an Australian brand. On the old technology there are 2 plates inside of the handle that cool the skin. The cheap machines also have no feedback mechanisms for temperature regulation causing the client to potentially suffer frost bite or burns on their skin. The ch… Read More

We will work with you to design a CoolSculpting treatment plan that’s tailored to your body and your goals. If you’re in Perth, you might want to hit up the Skinresus or Azure Medical Clinics for a consultation, and if you’re in Brisbane Peché Medispa offer similar services. Before your cryolipolysis treatment you’ll need to go through a d… Read More

In your 30-minute complimentary appointment, your skin will be assessed and a step-wise customised plan will be created according to your budget and skin needs. Cosmetic Injections are temporary fillers that can provide instant results. They have been proven safe and effective for treating wrinkles, fine lines and facial folds. Anti-wrinkle injecti… Read More

All of Jessica’s students enjoy her smile and fun approach to teaching. I will enable you to fulfill this dream with over 45 years teaching experience. We love working with children to develop each student’s musical capabilities and encourage commitment, leadership and confidence at an early age.Combine these basic elements and you are well pre… Read More