Vietnamese Tradional Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City

The restaurant’s lively and convivial ambience will entice guests to discover new dishes while creating lasting memories with friends and families. Q Saigon serves up fine Vietnamese food in the former home of Vietnamese singer Ms. Hong Nhung in District 3. But, Pho Dau, one of the rare shops, is both delicious and renowned for a long time with crowded guests, but not cheap . The shop in an alley only opens in the morning, is always full of customers.
Love your post and your videos, especially the way you enjoy the food. Hi Mark, Im here from Indonesia, will be going to vietnam alone on this coming christmas. All these mouth-watering foods make a lovely and attractive Saigon. I was born and grew up here and I feel so proud of my home country foods being reviewed in details like this by a famous blogger haha. Fantastic blog, love that you have pics to go with the food.

In Vietnam fame often leads to apathy and a decline in quality, but this is not the case at Ốc Oanh where the portions are big, the seafood fresh, and the service brisk and efficient. Try the ốc hương ràn muối ớt and the sò điệp nướng mỡ hành . Prices are a little higher here than elsewhere but it’s worth it.
The marinated beef stir-fry is accompanied with rice noodles, a broth and herbs. This dish is known for the characteristic lemongrass flavour. Com chien hai san is a popular dish and really fills you up and there’s also Goi rau muong bo as a great side dish. We love the atmosphere of this lively, colourful restaurant with yellow walls. If you’ve been to Hoi An , you’d agree this is exactly where it reminds you of.

They also have all the staples from noodle soups to amazing salads to veggie dishes. Their menu is extensive and I still have a lot of eating to do there. Most people who visit Ho Chi Minh City base themselves in the downtown area, which is in District 1. This is where I live so I’ve come to know the vegetarian scene pretty well.
It’s only in a few of their locations for now but should be rolling out to all of them soon. We’ve added this special section because we were so glad to see that along with the craft beer explosion in Ho Chi Minh City, there has been a noticeable uptick in vegan food options. Especially at craft breweries, where menus are VERY meat heavy, it’s nice to see a nod to the animal-friendly eaters out there. This friendly little Thai cafe has a decent selection of Thai standards, like Pad Thai, curries, and other noodle stir fries. It was only by accident that discovered that Thai Street has a vegetarian menu, so make sure to ask for it when you arrive.
It’s pretty easy to have the best food experience in Saigon, especially after reading my article. I hope you have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese food culture and you can be an ambassador and spread this knowledge to the world. Vietnamese food culture is unique and the dipping culture is partly why. I’m talking about fish sauce, soy sauce, peanut sauce, shrimp paste, fermented fish paste, and many other not-translatable sauces. A dish is not complete if you don’t have the right sauce for it. The differing regions of Vietnam produce a variety of ingredients.

It’s definitely not traditional Mexican food, but it’s damn tasty. You can also request to have diced chilies added to your meal. As a spicy food lover I can attest that they’re not fucking around when it comes to spice, something I appreciate.
This has led to an increase in the number of bars and nightclubs in the city, particularly in the Saigon area, once notorious for its nightlife during the Vietnamese war. You should be able to book yourself on to an organised tour from the city. cơm văn phòng Even though its subject matter isn’t the most uplifting one in the world, the War Remnants Museum is one of the most popular in HCMC. Vietnam as a whole is famous for various wars, and this museum concentrates on the French and American ones.

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There are actually two stalls here almost right next to each other, both with very similar names and both specializing in xoi ga or steamed chicken with glutinous rice. They serve some of the best fried chicken we’ve ever tasted in our lives. Bot Chien Dat Thanh is located in District 3, along Vo Van Tan Street near several of the restaurants featured on this list. As described, cha ca is a dish associated with Hanoi but if you want to try it in Saigon, then there’s no better place to have it than at Cha Ca La Vong. It’s pricier compared to other Vietnamese dishes but worth it.

We actually end up eating at various branches of Pho 24 quiet often – when we are in the mall or the airport or anytime we want a reliably delicious bowl of pho without any tummy troubles later. I don’t think anyone would claim that Pho 24 is the best pho in Ho Chi Minh City, but their broth is actually quite tasty and complex. In fact, the number 24 in the name refers to the 24 ingredients of the broth. You’re paying a bit more than a comparable bowl of noodles would cost you elsewhere in town due to its convenient location.

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